Sunday, October 12, 2014


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a poem for my science fiction class that I'd thought that I'd share on here. :)

There in my mind exists such a place,
Where every bit of light is gone without a trace,
And a thing that I do not wish to see,
Begins to move about up above me,
Its legs are long striped and total six,
I always wish that I possessed a crucifix,
It descends its nest only when I am near,
And moves in a way that is quite queer,
It speaks to me in its horrid raspy voice,
It knows that I am not here by choice,
The creature whispers tales in my ear,
Each one of them about you my dear,
I know deep down that they are not true,
But I am not sure what else I can do,
My evil jealousy has only grown of you,
And I find that as the creature goes on,
My love for you will soon be gone.

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